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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 27, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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that's why i'm a member of lifelock. >> announcer: absolutely no one protects you better than lifelock, and they stand behind their protection with the power of their $1 million service guarantee. in fact, last year, lifelock protected over two million people during the holidays. and now they can do it for you. try lifelock's protection 60 days risk-free. call the number on your screen or go to it only takes minutes to sign up. use promo code: holidays. order now and get a special holiday gift: a document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands... a $29 value, free! call the number on your screen or go online and let lifelock protect your identity for 60 days risk-free. because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. >> andrea: hello. i'm andrea tantaros with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg
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gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: they're back. many of the key players returned to washington after the christmas break. president arrived back and senators back, too. one person isn't spotted yet on the beltway is house speaker john boehner and harry reid took him to task for it earlier. demanding that he bring the chamber of commerce back to session for a deal to be struck. >> the house of representatives with four days left aren't here with the speaker having told them he will give them 48 hours' notice. if we go over the cliff it will be with the knowledge that could have been done with a single vote. >> andrea: boehner's
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spokesman said reid should talk less. the speaker insists the senate should ask first for members to reconvene on sunday. we can go off the cliff. pass the obama tax cut and reinstate the sequester cuts to things like he likes like the national institute of health and cut the defense budget. put republicans in the corner to say you want to bring a bill to the floor? be my guest. am i right? >> bob: my, you are cynical. keep in mind, they said, boehner said he wants to go to the senate. under the constitution, you cannot start a bill on taxes in the senate. has to come from the house. there is a 48-hour limit because you have to have the
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house of representatives look at it. i think the deal is cut. they will get legislation and vote on it late monday night. >> andrea: do you think a deal is cut? i talk to people and they say no deal. >> eric: there is no deal. they are saying no deal. president obama coming back to d.c. to fix what he broke in the first place. two solid years to deal with it. this is a gimmick, the flying back from hawaii to do this. nothing going over the fiscal cliff. let the tax cut expire. come back in, offer the tax cuts for people under 250. call them obama cuts and get it going. if you are in congress. you make $175,000 a year. you get vacation days off.
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they go back and smoke cigars, eat steak, drink wine and laugh. >> andrea: is there something wrong with eating and drinking? if with pay them to do it. >> eric: they want to hit the buffet line. >> andrea: do it on their own time. not when the country is in a financial crisis. i think obama gets a superhero cape after this. >> andrea: people say republican goes down either way on this. but the house and the senate, this last election by blaming republicans. does he think he will get blamed for this? no. he figures i can do whatever i want. leave the republicans out for dead. >> eric: he is winning the messaging game. that is clear. >> andrea: i say that with confidence. he was able to say look, i was willing to meet them halfway. more than 50%. they don't want to work with
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us together. he is coming off strong, coming off the supporters, sticking to his position that he pledged to them with the campaign promises. what looks like house in disarray is boehner's house. >> bob: swy j to hear from greg. he's sitting on the edge of his chair. >> kimberly: he is medicated. >> greg: this is so boring. maybe i speak for a small percentage of the audience but this is boring and upsetting. we know the outcome. president obama set up republicans. going over the cliff is like a water slide. defense cut and high taxes. all that misses is the free transgender surgery. you the utopian liberal dream. >> kimberly: you know it. >> greg: biggest thing for me is how obama is obsessed
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with the 2% he is on class warfare disability. he no longer sees the big picture, which is the economy. can economy is going to hell. he is ahab and the whale is the wealthy. priorities of a stalker. out to eradicate the successful. to me, that is the real achievement of the administration is the eradication of achievement. eliminate successful from the lexicon and replace it with rich rather than call you successful, we call you rich and that makes it easier to take your wallet. >> bob: make a point. keep in mind that the treasury dropped a little bomb on everybody this week saying that the debt ceiling was up on december 31. >> andrea: glad you brought that up. >> bob: i think what will happen here now, i say a deal is done. i have been around long enough to know they will not let the debt creel gog or everything else go. there may be a patch but they will get through this thing.
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>> eric: that is b.s. >> greg: watch your languag language. >> eric: do you remember the gang of six and supercommittee failed? we were supposed to have in law sequestration cuts that had to happen no matter what. not down the road, the idiot december side to kick the can down the road. i made money in markets, done it a long time 20. years. we should just go over the fiscal cliff. swan dive over it. this is a spending trajectory and bury the economy if we go. i'm buying. >> andrea: there is not a deal sequestions ration. >> bob: first, everything you pass you retroactively do back to january 1. which they will do. not massive cut in spending right away. they won't allow people making
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less than $750,000 not have taxes. they won't allow fica to go back up. [over stalk ] >> bob: now you the debt ceiling. >> andrea: i want to get in here. you talk about the debt ceiling. i thought it was raised in february. isn't it suspect that all of a sudden turbo tax timmy puts out a letter saying with i'll hit the debt ceiling? if we go off the cliff, guess what that means? more revenue. credit rating agencies only care about revenue. we are likely to be just fine if we go off the cliff. >> bob: you said in the opening here. of course it's a game being played here. of course it is set up by obama. the republicans are in a big hole. >> greg: the only game more boring is soccer. >> kimberly: it's not.
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>> eric: nothing is more boring than soccer. >> eric: the debt ceiling is more important. >> andrea: but if obama gets his way revenue coming in. [ overauk. this >> eric: you vote the raise it from the house. i'm glad you said pay the bills because it will have women out there, if we go over the fiscal cliff if we go orve the cliff, find a sugar daddy to help you. listen to this. >> instead of feeling powerless, attractive women are improving their situation by dating successful men. seeking over 1 million women discovered beauty is an ascend to
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transcend any fiscal cliff. on seeking arrangements the average man is 39, college educated and spend over $3,000 pampering the woman he is dating. why date regular guys when it's more fun and rewarding to be with generous men instead? >> bob: where is the sugar momma. >> andrea: i love the line if you feel powerless when you find yourself a sugar daddy. are you offended by this? >> andrea: are they lying? 1 million people out there? don't give you my ail usa name? just kidding. i have never been on the site but it's crazy. shows the state of affairs that we are in at this point. >> bob: this is fascinating. but i will let this go back. the debt ceiling in fact does not vote on as they point out
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revenue comes in. treasury can do is -- they can move money around. >> eric: where is the money coming in from, bob? >> bob: midnight on january 1, increase in revenue. >> eric: you think the revenue is going to offset the spending cut? absolutely not. we'll smack -- >> kimberly: erroneous. >> bob: it would give you now have continue it going. >> eric: two months leeway if they start to play around with numbers. >> andrea: it's two months from now. not the 31st. that is the point. geithner is full of it. >> bob: there is plenty of room to get it through. >> andrea: the greater point republicans are trying to do the right thing? trying to cut taxes. if you are not happy to
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have -- >> bob: i think the republicans trying to do something good is absurd. >> greg: look at harry reid. eloquence of a bails bondman. we elected gluttons to guard a fridge. >> kimberly: midnight raiding it. i was thinking frat boy to guard the bar but i went with the glutton. >> eric: both sides, though. >> andrea: the republicans can't do anything. they get blamed for everything. everything we agree with is courageous. >> greg: when private unemployment reaches double digits. >> andrea: coming up, mayor rahm emanuel -- rahm.
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why did i call him that? tore in nra for calling armed guards at school to keep america's chirp safe. greg will tell us why that is ironic for him and why the nickname is "ram" next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: according to bretbaffert news, the school has armed police officer. any sane parent would like that. like mayor rahm emanuel who sends the children to the school. or he said it's wrong to allow the same thing for other parents. rahm emanuel mocked the nra proposing the same thing for all schools and he said it's outrageous and upsettalling that the nra would choose to address gun violence not taking the assault weapons off the street but adding more guns to the school. that is not the right answer for the society, schools or the children.
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should you demand that it should leave his job? 319 chicago public school children have been shot. i can't blame rahm wanting security at the school if only to protect his family from the rampant crime exploding in his very term. why not extend that courtesy to others, rahm? finally he says adding more guns to our schools is wrong, he equates gun. and they should also disarm the guns are adding to the problem. if you're blind to good and evil. if a politician is against security in schools should he
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release his own security for himself and his family? >> andrea: i think so. superheros is how he is protected. the hypocrisy is astounding. other democrats, dianne feinstein came out and said the national guard should be at schools. i think -- >> greg: boxer. >> andrea: i thought it was feinstein. >> greg: same thing. >> kimberly: california. >> andrea: i think it should be left to localities. it shouldn't be a federal mandate or the national guard. last time was eisenhower. some neighbors need it more than others. >> bob: a lot of schools have armed policemen around the country. >> greg: wealthy students. >> bob: mostly in poor neighborhoods in a lot of cities.
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in utah you can carry in a concealed gun. nra is -- >> greg: no, no. they are talking about the officers which is why the crime dropped in new york city schools they have a school safety program with police officers there. >> greg: i'm not sure that it follows the same program or pattern as new york. >> bob: not like new york. you come back to chicago but these are gang-drug related wars in chicago. >> kimberly: so is it okay? he is not doing a good job. >> bob: it's the drug wars. >> eric: so are you saying don't arm them?
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telling us how great it is in new york. >> bob: i agree with andrea. the local should make a decision. if they think there is a rough school. >> eric: it should be done at local level but we don't need rahm emanuel saying it shouldn't happen or david gregory giving lapierre a hard time when his kids go to school with 11 armed guards. and the people we pet up yesterday with those who own handguns? do you know you have ten times more likely chance of being, of violent crime happening to you in new york city where there is no concealed carry allowed in the city, versus one of the cities, one of the towns right there. the city of chicago, go 20 times. the crime rate, the violent crime rate in the cities is double the rate. >> eric: i could not get a gun permit in new york. if i could get one i would -- >> bob: you have one in
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jersey? >> eric: applied for. legally applied for. >> bob: really? >> eric: those dots are only for handguns, pistols. not rifles. >> kimberly: it doesn't include it. somebody could have that and -- >> greg: i would move there. move where the red is. >> eric: yeah. >> kimberly: move next to bolling. >> eric: red is safer than white in that case. >> greg: i want to throw to a quick s.o.t. gun owner responding to the journal news who printed his address but he owned a gun. >> we have done nothing wrong. we're normal contributing members of that community. i haven't done to demonstrate i'm a threat to the community. just the opposite, i have gone through the legal steps to own a handgun. i don't know how it makes us safer to know your neighbor owns a handgun. >> bob: i thought that was the argument. if you knew they had a gun they wouldn't go in the house. they got the list from the freedom of information act. >> eric: dumb question. why go through the freedom of
2:23 pm
information act to find out who had a handgun and not find out who is a sexual predator. newspapers don't post anything like that. >> bob: whether they do or don't they got it legally. this guy is supposedly, if he has a gun in his house he wants everyone to know about it so he is safe and immune from all crime. ridiculous. >> eric: true. >> bob: ridiculous. i wait for the 2 million people every year to save themselves. >> andrea: david gregory got in trouble because he held up a gun magazine on one of the shows to try to prove a point. a lot of people are reporting hi could go to jail for this. can i say something? this shows how insane the gun laws are in d.c. are we really scared of law law-abiding citizen david gregory with a >> kimberly? going to jail for holding it up. case and point how the nutso gun control advocates -- >> bob: not going to jail. >> greg: he thought it was people magazine. >> bob: get out of here. >> greg: i want to make a point of what you were saying
2:24 pm
but i forgot what it was. they have done research on criminals told marx jurorty of them not invaded a home if they thought they were armed. >> bob: any sane person would not. >> eric: put a sign up outside your door saying i don't have a gun, i'm against gun -- a gun-free zone. >> bob: i have a shotgun. >> andrea: rest my case. >> kimberly: anything else to discuss? >> bob: shotguns. >> greg: best thing to put in front of your house, e-mailed me this yesterday. best thing is the target that you practice on if you are really good. that's what you put on the door. >> kimberly: take a target from someone who can't shoot. i'm glad you're armed. we know it, too. >> eric: shells on the front door. >> kimberly: liberal arms. >> greg: violent man over there. >> eric: shotgun is good. >> greg: preaches nonviolence. all right. coming up, have americans been misled again by the state department? there is word those four
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officials who resign following the attack on the consulate in benghazi already have their jobs back. on "the five." eric has the details next. just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943.
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>> eric: welcome back. today marks 107 days since the terrorist attack on consulate that killed chris, sean, glen, tyrone. so i ask where the czech hill? keep it in mind. yesterday, we learned crazy breaking news that the "new york post" is reporting that the four state department
2:29 pm
officials who were told were fired because of the gross mismanagement of the benghazi consulate weren't fired at all. turns out the assistant secretary of state, boswell and three others will be back on the job working for the state department soon. he switched desks and the other three were due back to work in days. nice. so where the heck is hill? concussion. that headline and story sounded like those four were apparently let go, apparently they weren't. it's four out out of the state department apparently they weren't. isn't it time hillary clinton and obama man up and get in front of the congressional microphone? for the four dead americans. where the heck is hill? jimenez is sad. because they try to act like the people were dismissed. lost their job. accountability.
2:30 pm
the people responsible have blood on their hands of four americans serving their country, begged for resources. outrageous. this is so obvious, they have been exposed and we can't get the answers from the one person who can tell us what transpired. record of that everything happened that day. when she knew. >> eric: she has a concussion. headache. this is ridiculous. the state department, changing facts, changing talking point points. the "new york times" are out at the state department. >> bob: you never take their headline for anything but. this they said they would be ousted from the jobs they held. they were. that didn't say they'd be fired from the state department. >> kimberly: that is a joke. book why? >> kimberly: you think it's sufficient? >> eric: eric boswell,
2:31 pm
assistant secretary of state. for security resigned. >> kimberly: they were rewarded with another good job? that's bad case. >> bob: the other people are keer foreign service officers. >> eric: is this more of the same b.v. the obama administration? this is the obama administration. presidential appointees. >> greg: i don't think anyone is misled. blame this on fog of communication. if you link benghazi to climate change they'd pay attention. a new phrase, here it is. pulling a benghazi. this is defineed by ineptitude or scandal that is dismissed by the media because they have a profound crush on obama. that is what we're seeing.
2:32 pm
we can talkbe about the story until our heads explode. >> andrea: they weren't right before, they weren't forth right during septembe september 11. why are they fourth right when we talk about the consequenc consequences. i hope they blockerry's appointment until secretary of state. >> bob: she said she will testify. you will get answers. you have can't expect her to do it intan stainously. >> andrea: will we get answers? >> kimberly: he is considering a run for presidency and doesn't want
2:33 pm
people to have access to her e-mails. >> eric: was she not a person who said the buck stops here, i take full responsibility for benghazi, whatever we find out? now she can't testify because of a headache? >> bob: she will testify eventually. >> greg: unless she has amnesia. >> bob: she may have. if i were her i'd have amnesi amnesia. >> eric: we have to leave it there. directly ahead big government tanging the war on tobacco to a new extreme. this time targeting cigarettes and big league chew, kimberly has more on the smoking gum next. ♪ ♪
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the big story today is the final four days to avoid the fiscal cliff. the last minute wrangling, the house in recess ready to come back to session sunday night to await a deal from the senate, which is in session. house republicans say they passed two bills already. on top of the fiscal cliff, there is the milk cliff, which could add to the weekly shopping bill in a big way. early next year, fight about raising the debt ceiling. after the scathing report on september 11 attack in benghazi, libbia, we thought that four mid-level government workers had taken the fall for the security failures at the state department. it turns out that is far from the case. we'll explain. it's been a year since the tornado flattened their church. but only now can the rebuilding begin.
2:38 pm
all because of red tape. grapevine, why being too attractive cost a woman her job. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." shop in saint paul has been warned to stop selling candy smokes with bubble gum cigars after they are trying to prevent kids from trying the real stuff one day. does anyone want to tie it throt is a nexus between candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars and taking up smoking?
2:39 pm
any takers? smokers amongst us? >> greg: this research is created to prove the point researchers want that candy cigarettes lead to real smoking. all kids had candy cigarettes. ban hot wheels because kids fast on them. cap gun leads to real guns. making a finger like this should be banned. no more using -- >> bob: making a finger lik like -- never mind. >> andrea: that is banned. >> bob: of course it should be banned. >> eric: they're fun. >> bob: it's a law. it's a law. >> andrea: i had those. look at me. >> eric: they have too much time on their hands to worry about whether a candy cigarette wants to smoke real cigarette. >> kimberly: i had them. >> it's cool. shredded mound of bubble gum. i don't dip and i used to eat
2:40 pm
big league chew. >> greg: i started chewing real tobacco and that got me in bubble gum tobacco. isn't that weird? this attack on smoking is a rage misplaced because we live in culture declining but can't point out the culture is declining. we focus our anger on the easy targets. which is smoking and obesity. >> bob:be both of those, i am part of. i am usually on your side. if you walk down street and people say put that out. i'm going to put you out!
2:41 pm
>> kimberly: that is good. >> greg: does the smoke bother you or does it bother you that i'm smoking? >> kimberly: nicotine rage. >> andrea: how do you want the right to smoke your greats but candy ones are banned? >> bob: it's not for candy cigarettes. >> andrea: i like candy cigarettes an i'm an adult. >> bob: that has nothing to do with the fact that it's a temptation for kids. >> eric: remember the marlboro camel cartoon and you can't do that anymore? are you all right with banning the cartoon? >> greg: marlboro man died overlapping cancer. >> eric: i know. >> andrea: banning sugar. >> kimberly: the judge -- yeah. we talk about this earlier. this is a multimedia blitz that the largest tobacco companies have to issue apologies, warping about the danger of smoking cigarettes.
2:42 pm
a lot of people feel this is part of a war against cigarettes. >> andrea: if you are a business opener you to say sorry for selling cigarettes. are they supposed to admit to being bad businessman? i would agree because it forces them to take a position they don't agree with. >> bob: this is against the cigarette manufacturers who killed people. they knew it. they should apologize. >> kimberly: you are screaming about the cigarette owners. they make cigarettes and lie about them and get people addicted to them. guest if people don't know by now cigarettes are bad they deserve to smoke. >> eric: you treb lawsuit settled to the tune of
2:43 pm
$100 billion. >> bob: i smoke cigars and i think cigarette smoking is terrible. >> kimberly: yes to cigarettgarsbut -- yes to cigaro cigarettes. christmas is supposed to be a time of joy. what made the child break down in tears? was it bob? [ crying ] >> kimberly: stay tuned. bob had good news on the holidays. we'll share it with you next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ initiated.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: who did the song? >> greg: that was the remak
2:48 pm
remake. >> bob: sorry i asked. on christmas day, 7-year-old reese woke up to open presents. look at the reaction after he found one his favorite idea of christmas. >> i'm so happy. [ crying ] >> what's wrong? >> i'm so happy! >> bob: is exactly what i was like when they took away the last bottle of booze i had. this is a true story. >> kimberly: bizarre analogy. >> bob: no, the same thing. >> greg: i reacted the same way when my parents got sack of discarded barbie heads. >> bob: they were vacationing and play a game on
2:49 pm
wi-fi, is that what you call it? >> eric: sure. >> bob: they love it so much. >> kimberly: do you mean w wie? >> greg: nobody is listening. >> kimberly: bolling goes sure. >> bob: i do the segment every day. i get the sucky segment. >> greg: you said wifi and he said yeah, that is what it is. >> bob: you are not listening to me. >> eric: you play wi-fi, play them via the internet. wi-fi, i was listening and you were right. that kid furkture speaker of the house. >> bob: have you gotten that excited about a present? >> andrea: yes. >> kimberly: pair or shoes or something. what did you do for christmas? what did you get? >> bob: a big announcement. my house won the light contest
2:50 pm
for the second year. >> kimberly: congratulations! >> andrea: how many lights? >> bob: 102,000. >> eric: how much did you bribe the judges? >> bob: i didn't get to them this year. >> kimberly: he never shide away from bag of cash. i must say -- >> andrea: how much did you win? >> bob: it goes to charity. >> eric: you took his lights? >> bob: no. >> bob: i can't help if he is missing his reindeer. it's $5,000 award to charity. >> greg: in the name of a stripper you met. >> bob: no. ironic. this is a story for you.
2:51 pm
give me a break. >> kimberly: you know it's true. thank god i brought the energy. two researchers found out if you get angry and show it a you will live longer. you'll be 110. >> eric: i wear emotions on my sleeve. that is a good thing. >> kimberly: we make jokes about that. when he is not having a good day. >> andrea: if you keep stress inside it's not good from health perspective. occasionm freak out. >> kimberly: everybody on the show can get fiery. >> greg: i kill drifters in the park.
2:52 pm
>> bob: eric gets angry. >> andrea: everybody gets angry. >> bob: what are you talking about? sorry. no! no, no, no! >> kimberly: juan does it nice. >> bob: "juan does it nice"? >> andrea: juan more thing. >> bob: fine. >> andrea: you do it better than juan. >> kimberly: he doesn't yell. >> bob: one more thing is up next. i'm out of leer! ♪ ♪ [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ]
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>> andrea: it's time for one more thing. bob? >> bob: president george herbert walker bush has been in the hospital in houston, texas, for a month now. better than a month. sent to the intensive care unit. we understand he may be getting better. we hope so. on beep half of "the five" we wish you all of our prayers with you, you have been a remarkable public servant. one thing. when george bush was president i was in nicaragua monitoring the elections and nasty stuff broke out. he invited me to the oval office with the other monitors, and he was incredibly gracious and wonderful man. we'll see more of him.
2:57 pm
>> great character. >> bob: congressman and head of the c.i.a. republican national committee. i admire him. >> kimberly: i have a nice story. jordan pritchard, staff sergeant after what happened in sandy hook volunteers to take matter in his own hand and stood guard at his chirp's school. the two kids 6 and 7, attend the metropolitan -- i don't know the term. but it's in nashville until the end of the school year when they close for the holiday vacation. they said we felt so much better to bring the kids to school because he was there protecting them. he is trained, expert and he knows what he is doing. standing guard.
2:58 pm
didn't cross anything. great idea. why would yount want if you had your kid at the school? rahm emanuel would like it. >> andrea: other parents will stay i'll guard the cool for free. why not? if you don't show up tomorrow we'll know where you are. >> eric: my kid's high school has police officers in the school. >> bob: great idea. why? >> eric: safety. >> eric: good guy with a gun keeps bad guy with a gun away. i learned from the best. tomorrow, i'm hosting cavuto. >> --l be -- >> bob: now you! >> eric: this is the last day really before they can get their act together. >> bob: there are more pictures of anybody on this show than anybody else and
2:59 pm
it's fine because your tan is perfect. >> andrea: we talked about great tans and real tans, but we will talk about this. and more evidence that the united states is the world leader. check out the shopping mall in shanghai, china, where they install a shark tank that exploded while mall shoppe shoppers -- >> bob: is that for real? >> andrea: it is. spilled out. shark week! to the shoppers. the mall officials said we have no plan to rebuild the shark tank. do you think? >> bob: anybody eaten? what happened to the sharks? >> greg: a great white sale. [ laughter ] >> bob: very good.


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